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Toyota Hilux bookings open ahead of its Launch on January 20

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 14 Jan' 22 | Updated: 26 Jan' 22

Toyota Hilux Booking and Launch Date

Image Source: Faisal Khan, Youtube

The Toyota Hilux pickup truck will be launched in India on January 20, according to the company.  Toyota Hilux bookings are still open, with a deposit of Rs 1 lakh required to secure a spot. Beginning in March of this year, Toyota will begin shipping the Hilux. 


Toyota Hilux will compete with the Isuzu D-Max in the niche sector of lifestyle pickup, which is where the Hilux will be the only competitor.


  • The Toyota Hilux shares its platform with the Innova and Fortuner, among other vehicles.
  • Diesel engines from Toyota (2.4-litre and 2.8-liter displacements) are expected to power the vehicle.
  • The interior elements and features are likely to be identical to those found in the Toyota Fortuner

Structure and engines

The Toyota Hilux is built on the well-known IMV-2 platform, which also serves as the foundation for the Innova Crysta & Fortuner. 


As a result, many components, such as the suspension components, the engine, four-wheel-drive system, & the gearbox are going to be shared between the three vehicles. 


The Toyota Hilux stretches 5,285mm in length and boasts a wheelbase of 3,085mm. It is powered by a V8 engine. By way of comparison, the Toyota Fortuner is 4,795mm in length.


However, It's important to note that Toyota would not find it difficult to keep its costs under control since the Innova and Fortuner models are already manufactured in India. 


Regarding engine possibilities, the Toyota Fortuner's 2.8-litre, 204 hp diesel engine is carried forward in the Toyota Hilux and would be offered with a 4WD as standard equipment. Its transmission possibilities, on the other hand, are yet unknown. 


Actually, this engine provides a tremendous 500Nm of peak torque, which makes Toyota Hilux an excellent match for the load hauler's requirements. In order to attract more buyers, the lower-spec variations of the Toyota Hilux could be priced relatively aggressively in order to compete.

Toyota Hilux Exterior

In India, the Toyota Hilux will be available in its double-cab body type, although the truck's face shares certain similarities with the Fortuner's basic shape, it has a distinct appearance that distinguishes it from the latter vehicle. 


The Toyota Hilux receives a significantly wider hexagonal grille, as well as an unusual reverse flow design, LED headlamps, and a more robust bumper, all of which are standard. 


While viewing the Toyota Hilux from a profile, it is most noticeable for its length, and the double-cab appearance will be highly distinctive for India. The rear end, on the other hand, is reminiscent of most typical pickup trucks.

Toyota Hilux Interior

A significant amount of technology and trim will be shared between the Toyota Hilux and the Fortuner in India, according to expectations. The dashboard layout, steering wheel, and seats are all expected to be inspired by the previous generation. 


Android Auto & Apple CarPlay compatibility is likely to be featured in the 8.0-inch touch display infotainment system of the Toyota Hilux. 


This implies that the Toyota Hilux's interior will be both useful and pleasant, although legroom in the second row is not likely to be as wide as it is in the Toyota Fortuner's second row. At the time of the launch, the complete list of safety equipment for the India-spec vehicle will be made public.

What to expect in terms of pricing

The Isuzu D-Max is presently the only lifestyle pickup available for purchase in India, and it will also serve as the only direct competitor to the Toyota Hilux when it is introduced later this year. 


The former Toyota Hilux is currently available for purchase at a price ranging from Rs 18.05 lakh to Rs 25.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). There is no official word on the To Hilux's pricing, but it is learned from our sources that Toyota Hilux price will be over Rs 30 lakh when it is launched (ex-showroom).