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Top Performers of Dec 2021 Car Retail Sales

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 07 Jan' 22 | Updated: 14 Jan' 22

Top Performer Cars 2021

Image Source: Maruti Suzuki

In terms of retail sales of Automobiles, the PV segment completed the year with a 10.91 % year-over-year decline. 


A number of constraints faced the industry, including a high cost of ownership, gloomy emotions in the rural sector, a continuous work-from-home culture, and the introduction of the Omicron variation, all of which had a significant impact on overall sales of automobiles.


As per the statistics compiled by the The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) from 1,379 out of 1,590 RTOs across the country, it has been disclosed that passenger vehicle retail sales decreased from 2,74,605 units in December 2019 to 2,44,639 units in December 2020. 


There was, on the other hand, an increase of 11.77 percent over the 2,18,881 units in auto sales that were sold in December 2019. 


Not only did PV retail auto sales decline, but so did two-wheeler and tractor retail sales, with total retail auto sales in India falling by 16.05 percent in December 2021, to 15,58,756 units, in contrast to 18,56,869 units documented in the same month the previous year, according to the National Sample Survey Organization.

Auto Sales in December 2021 - Maruti holds a 42.53 percent market share

Despite a decrease in market share from 48.08 percent of auto sales in December 2020, Maruti Suzuki remained at the top of the list with 42.53 percent of the market. During the previous month, retail auto sales decreased to 1,04,057 units, a decrease from the 1,32,018 units auto sales in December 2020. 


South Korean automaker Hyundai Motors India was in second place with a 15.83 percent auto market share and sells 38,736 units in December, compared to a 17.09 percent auto market share and sales of 46,919 units in December 2020.

Top Performer Cars 2021

Fact Source: FADA

Tata Motors has surpassed Hyundai in wholesale auto sales in December 2021. However, according to the retail auto sales statistics, Tata Motors has not been able to surpass Hyundai for the month and has remained at No. 3. 


Tata Motors has had exceptional sales over the past month, with particularly strong demand for the Tata Nexon and the freshly released Tata Punch models. 


Retail auto sales reached 30,941 units in December 2020, representing a market share of 12.65 percent, an increase over the 19,908 units sold in December 2020, representing an auto market share of only 7.25 percent.

Top Performer Cars 2021

Fact Source: FADA

Mahindra's retail auto sales climbed dramatically in December 2020, reaching 17,890 units, with a market share of 7.31 percent, compared to the previous month's sales of 15,959 units, with a market share of 5.81 percent. 


Mahindra has also experienced a surge in demand for its new XUV700 and Thar SUVs, despite the fact that a lack of semi-conductors has resulted in a backlog of outstanding orders.

Sales of Kia, Toyota, and Renault vehicles in Auto retail stores

Kia, Toyota, and Renault ranked lower on the FADA's retail sales ranking, which was announced this week. In terms of retail auto sales, Kia and Renault all experienced year-on-year declines, while Toyota saw a rise in auto sales to 11,117 units, up from 7,711 units sales in December 2020.

Top Performer Cars 2021

Fact Source: FADA

According to Toyota, the auto sales figures showed a high elevation of 4.54 last month in comparison to 2.81 percent in December 2020. 


The Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Glanza, and Urban Cruiser were among the models that contributed to these auto sales, and the business expects even better results from the Toyota Hilux, which will go on sale later this month.

Honda, Nissan, and Ford Retail Auto Sales

Even though the Honda Car retail auto sales trickled to 6,946 units in December 2020 from a good 9,556 units sold in December 2019, the Volkswagen-Skoda Group announced a 2x spike in retail auto sales. 


The company disclosed that there was an elevation to 5,059 units last month from 2,500 units in December 2020 that resulted in an increased auto market share of 2.07 % overall. 


According to Nissan India, the company auto sales elevated from 725 units sold in December 2020 to 3,091 units sold in December 2021. 


In the luxury market, Mercedes Benz, Jeep India, BMW, Porsche, and Rolls Royce all saw increases in retail auto sales in December 2021, as did BMW, Porsche, and Rolls Royce. 


Ford India has indicated its intention to withdraw from the nation, however, some dealers are continuing to sell remaining inventory. From 4,888 units sold in December 2020, Ford India retail auto sales for December 2021 came down to just 263 units. 


Ford India's market share decreased from 1.78 % to 0.11 percent year-on-year, according to the company.