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Launched - Titan EyeX Smart Glasses in India

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 14 Jan' 22 | Updated: 17 Jan' 22

Titan EyeX Smartglasses

Image Source: Titan Eye+
  • Titan EyeX Smart Glasses has voice-activated navigation and notifications, among other things.
  • Titan EyeX offers the best-in-class water resistance with an IP54 rating.
  • They are only available in one color, which is black.
  • Using a single charge, the Titan EyeX provides up to 8 hours of continuous usage.
  • The Titan EyeX is driven by an unidentified Qualcomm CPU.


Titan Eye+ debuted the first-ever pair of smart glasses this week, marking the company's official debut. The Titan EyeX includes open-ear speakers, fitness monitoring systems & touch controls among other things. 


In addition to being compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, Titan's latest Titan EyeX smart glasses also support Bluetooth v5 connectivity. They also come with an integrated tracker as well as an IP54-rated construction that is resistant to dust and water. 


A single charge of the Titan EyeX Smartglasses can provide up to 8 hours of continuous usage for the device. The Processor of the smart glasses is a Qualcomm processor that has yet to be identified. 


The open-ear speakers also allow voice-based navigation and voice notifications, among other capabilities.

Titan EyeX price and availability in India

The Titan EyeX Smartglasses was launched on January 5th and the Price is Rs. 9,999. However, the frame is priced at Rs. 9,999, and the price rises to Rs. 11,198 when prescription glasses are added. 


The Titan EyeX smart glasses, according to the website, will be available for purchase starting on January 10. Titan only provides the smart glasses in the color Black as a frame option. Titan Eye+ retail outlets, as well as the company's official website, are both places where you may acquire them.

Titan EyeX specifications

Titan EyeX Smartglasses

Image Source: Titan Eye+

As previously stated, The Titan EyeX is equipped with Bluetooth v5 technology for linking to Android and iOS-powered gadgets. In addition, the Smart glasses will come with an app for both operating systems. A Qualcomm processor powers the Titan EyeX smart glasses. 


Titan's smart glasses are equipped with open-ear speakers that support true wireless stereo (TWS) technology. 


It is stated by the manufacturer that this feature makes Titan EyeX Smartglasses comfortable to use outside because the user may listen to music while remaining aware of his or her surroundings. 


In addition, The Titan EyeX's open-ear speakers may be used for voice-enabled navigation, hands-free calling, and notifications, which are both useful features. 


The Clear Voice Capture (CVC) feature aids in the delivery of clear voice quality, which is combined with dynamic volume management, which dynamically changes the volume levels according to the surrounding noise.


The Titan EyeX Smartglasses also offer fitness tracking capabilities, and the built-in pedometer may be used to count distance, calories, & steps. 


Titan EyeX may also alert users about their screen time, which might assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, they include touch-based controls for the functions of preventing, play, pause & skip.


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