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Review: Volvo S90 facelift 2021.

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 29 Dec' 21 | Updated: 27 Jan' 22

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

Minor stylistic tweaks and a new mild-hybrid petrol engine are included in Volvo's flagship car.

Volvo S90 facelift 2021 Review: 


The 'Ironmark' was created by Volvo, a Swedish luxury brand. Known for producing some of the world's safest automobiles. Automobiles place a great emphasis on comfort, luxury, and a minimalist design.


And this is Volvo's new, redesigned S90 sedan, which competes with Mercedes-E-Class Benz's and Audi's A6 and is now the company's largest vehicle.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

You might be wondering, "What's new?" when looking at these photographs of the Volvo S90 facelift 2021 model. You'd be correct. The Volvo S90 appears to be nearly identical to the previous model. You can tell the difference between the previous Volvo car and this one if you compare them side by side. 


The car's chin is the most noticeable modification. Unlike the previous automobile, which featured several surfaces, cuts, and creases, this one is both simpler and cleaner. Aside from these minor tweaks, the Volvo S90 is virtually identical to the original. 


The Volvo S90 has a regal aspect to it, with a lengthy wheelbase, an expanded bonnet, a pushed-back cabin, and square shoulders. This Volvo Sedan is also true at the back, where the squared-off boot and C-shaped taillights stand out.


At the rear, you will certainly find little alterations, but they are more difficult to spot and only present at the very bottom. Interestingly, one way to tell that the two Volvo S90s are different is that the earlier version has a rectangular exhaust, which is completely absent from the current Volvo Car.


A distinct feature of the Volvo S90 can be found under the hood. While there's no diesel in the lineup right now, the petrol is a moderate hybrid, Volvo's 2.0-liter turbo-petrol engine, which produces 250hp with the help of an electric motor. , with a 48V electrical system that collects electrical power lost during braking and returns it back to the wheels as needed.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

The Vovlo S90, like the S60 and the XC60 and XC90 SUVs, is built on Volvo's Scalable Platform Architecture. It's interesting to note that it's the only premium car of this size with a front-mounted transverse engine. 


All of the other Volvo Cars have longitudinally mounted engines and are mostly rear-wheel powered. Volvo claims that a transversely positioned engine is safer in a crash, but having a single platform for all of its large cars makes things a lot easier.


The Volvo car comes with air suspension in the rear and a slew of Volvo safety features and driver aids, as previously stated.


City Safety, which is based on radar, keeps an eye on you and brakes if necessary. Even at night, City Safety of the Volvo S90 can detect other vehicles, pedestrians, bikers, and large animals.


Volvo's Oncoming Mitigation identifies other vehicles approaching you and can automatically brake to help mitigate the severity of the crash. 


The Volvo S90 will even help you avoid the difficulty by employing ESP or individual wheel brakes to steer you out of it (based on your steering angle), and there's even runoff mitigation to keep you from 'drifting' off the road when you're not paying attention.

The Drive

The new petrol engine of Volvo S90 starts effortlessly, without a loud starter whirr, and at reduced speeds, it stays calm and in the shadows. Then, because it reacts swiftly to a touch on the accelerator, it seems electrified and alert.


In fact, the Volvo S90 drives so smoothly, thanks to the 10kW peak boost from the 48V electric system, that any turbo lag is quickly forgotten. 


This is especially useful in city traffic, where you want your automobile to react as quickly as you press the accelerator. Yes, the Volvo S90 can be a little overly aggressive at low speeds, especially when electronic assistance is combined with turbo boost, which necessitates some throttle modulation.


Fortunately, this isn't something you have to deal with on a regular basis.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

The steering is silky slick and requires very little effort, and the Volvo S90 feels quick at low speeds and turns on a dime, making it light and pleasant to drive in the city. The Volvo S90's accelerator and brake pedals are light and wonderfully set up and sprung, making driving a pleasure.


However, the power increase isn't that strong. In fact, it doesn't feel like a 250hp engine because it's so smooth and linear. When you put your foot down after the initial burst of force, it simply gathers speed in a hurry rather than rapidly accelerate.


Further up the powerband, performance improves, and at 5,000rpm, the engine is pulling hard of this Volvo car. 


If you keep the engine spinning at roughly this pace, the Volvo S90 will move. At higher engine speeds, it's a little noisy and strained, but the performance is much better today. Volvo claims that the S90 takes 6.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, with a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour, like with all Volvos.


The updated and improved eight-speed transmission is better than the last one that felt unwilling and retiring.  It's not as smooth or speedy as the others in its class out there, but the issues that the previous one has have been resolved.


Paddle shifters behind the steering wheel are absent in this Volvo Car. Physically shifting gears isn't always about extracting maximum performance. It's often more about gaining better control of the vehicle, which is why paddle shifters are so enjoyable to use. 


You can take manual control of the Volvo S90 gearbox, but you must first set the gear lever to manual mode, then push left to downshift and right to upshift; this is inconvenient. The system is difficult to use, which is likely why Mercedes abandoned it or developed it into something more user-friendly and intuitive.


The gear selector is another feature in this Volvo S90 car that takes some getting used to. While the crystal top is beautiful, it isn't really useful. You can't merely pull back the lever and choose Drive. You'll need two pulls here: one to move from Park to Neutral, and another to move from Neutral to Drive.


Three-point turns, as you might expect, are more aggravating if you aren't used to them.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

The Volvo S90 car shines when it comes to providing a smooth ride. The sturdy chassis, supple coil springs up front, air suspension at the rear, and well-adjusted dampers all work together to achieve one purpose. 


The Volvo S90 chassis effectively isolates you from the road below. Although the insulation isn't as effective as the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, road noise is negligible, and double-glazed windows assist keep noise out.


Volvo's land yacht glides over medium-sized bumps and undulations with ease, thanks to its smooth, rubber-footed ride. 


Even as you come across some major craters, the Volvo manages to effectively take the edge off. Large speed breakers require caution, especially when the car is fully loaded; the automobile's huge wheelbase and low ground clearance play a role here.


At higher speeds, the light and easy-to-twirl steering seem slightly disconnected, body control in curves lacks confidence, and although having adequate grip, pushing the large car faster and faster isn't really fun.


It's just so much more enjoyable to drive it in a leisurely manner. Long-distance driving will be a breeze with the Volvo S90.

The Interior

This is a setting you constantly look forward to returning to because it is beautifully built, tastefully designed, and put together, and there are lots of quality items strewn generously throughout the cabin of the Volvo S90. 


The dash design, as well as individual components such as the steering wheel, instrument panel, vertically positioned touchscreen, and start-stop lever of this Volvo car, are all familiar. Volvo has also incorporated a lot of high-gloss chrome and piano-black elements into the design without losing the Scandinavian feel.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

The vertically positioned screen is familiar in terms of features, but now there is extra functionality, such as connected tech. Apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Spotify, and others are now pre-installed, making it much easier to use the system inside the Volvo S90. 


For music lovers, there's also some pretty well-specified hardware inside the car, including one of Bowers and Wilkins' top-of-the-line audio systems. The front seats of the Volvo S90 also include backrest massage (not for the seat), a crystal knob adds a touch of class, and an 'advanced' air cleaner is built into the car, which is critical given today's low air quality.


The Volvo S90, on the other hand, is overly dependent on the display, which houses several features. One such issue is regulating the speed of the fan while being on the run. Although adding climate control symbols at the edge of the display helps and improves it over competing systems, operating it still needs you to look away from the road. 


The petrol S90's center console lacks a mode selector or roller...the one that, in the past, could swiftly switch from comfort to performance mode. Selecting a sportier or more dynamic option, on the other hand, makes no effect on the Volvo S90.

Volvo S90

Image Source: Volvo

As you might expect, there's plenty of space in the back of the cabin. There's plenty of legroom, a beautifully inclined backrest, and a comfy seat, albeit a little shallow and flat. It's simply that you're sitting a little low in the back, which makes the back seat less comfortable than it could be.


The Volvo S90 comes with a lot of bells and whistles. There's a sunroof, Nappa leather in sections, a subwoofer, wireless charging, auto-dimming mirrors, and puddle lights, as well as a four-zone air conditioning system, ventilated front seats, side and rear blinds (the latter electrically actuated), a sunroof, Nappa leather in sections, a subwoofer, wireless charging, auto-dimming mirrors, and puddle lights.


Lane-keeping assists, blind-spot warnings, and cross-traffic alerts are just a few of the driver aids available in the Volvo S90 facelift model.


The Volvo S90 B5 with its petrol engine is a great candidate for your money if you want a premium automobile that is wonderfully built, well equipped, refined, smooth, silent, and effortless to drive. It even has a distinct appearance, rides smoothly, and is likely to be one of the safest automobiles in its class. 


You're in the back seat a little low, the Volvo S90 lacks a sporty bone in its body, and Volvo dealerships aren't as prevalent as rivals. If comfort, quality, smooth performance, and owning something unique are important to you, consider Volvo's S90 B5, which comes with a price tag of Rs. 61.9 lakh (ex-showroom, India), offers a lot of cars for not a lot of money.