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HP Envy 14 (EB0021TX) 11th Gen Intel Core i7 Review (2022)- Expertreviews.co.in

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 05 Jan' 22 | Updated: 28 Jan' 22

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP
  • The HP Envy 14 is built on Intel's Evo platform, which is designed for high performance
  • In addition to the integrated GPU, HP Envy 14 is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card
  • The industrial design of the HP Envy 14 is more elegant than it is spectacular
  • Has an excellent range of ports for a 14-inch laptop, especially considering its price
  • The 14-inch display is clear and vibrant, with no reflections, and it is non-reflective
  • In addition to a huge glass trackpad, the HP Envy 14 boasts a comfortable keyboard
  • HP Envy 14 has a battery life that is sufficient to last for the majority of workdays on a single charge


HP Launched its Envy model of upscale Windows Ultrabooks in August 2021, and the HP Envy 14, which is among the fully loaded varieties of the new range. HP’s new Envy series, which is available in two screen sizes, 14-inch, and 15-inch, delivers outstanding performance in a premium and very portable package that is both stylish and functional. 


The 2021 upgrade of the HP Envy series will include Intel's 11th generation Core processors as well as a redesigned chassis, making it a strong competitor against rivals such as Dell's XPS series. The HP Envy 14 price places it in the same league as Apple's MacBook Pro (M1) in terms of value.


It's time to find out whether or not this HP Envy 14 ultrabook should be on your shopping list this holiday season.

HP Envy 14 (EB0021TX) Review: Design

It has taken some time for me to warm to the industrial design of the HP Envy 14 laptop that I have been testing. This laptop is only available in a single silver finish, which covers the majority of the body, with the exception of the bezel surrounding the display, and is the only color available.

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

Sharp angles of this HP Laptop may be found throughout the laptop, especially on the rubber feet that support it, giving it a distinct appearance. The aluminum chassis is strong, and this gives the lid and base a robust appearance.


HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

The HP Envy 14 laptop has a good range of physical ports, especially for a 14-inch laptop. There are two USB 3 (Gen1) Type-A ports, both of which have 'HP Sleep and Charge feature, as well as an HDMI 2.0 port, a Thunderbolt 4 (Type-C) port, a headphone jack, a DC charging port and a microSD card slot.


Alternatively, if you do not have the accompanying charger with you, you can power and charge the HP Envy 14 through the Type-C connector as well. 


The single hinge of HP Envy 14 provides good torsion, and the lid may be pushed back with relative ease when closed. Opening the lid when it is closed, on the other hand, can be a bit difficult because the groove provided is not deep enough to allow you to easily grab it with your thumb or finger.


The chiclet keyboard keys are well-spaced and comfortable to text on, thanks to the HP Envy 14 rounded edges. Three degrees of white backlighting are available, each of which illuminates the keys fairly evenly. 


Instead of the right Ctrl key, this HP Laptop has a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard. The palm rest region is considerably big, and there is even a significantly sized glass trackpad in the middle of the palm rest.


With a full-HD+ resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, the HP Envy 14 has a 14 inch IPS panel display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The design is also contemporary, thanks to the use of thin borders on three of the four sides. 


The airflow in this HP Laptop is provided by the perforated vent above the keyboard, and the stereo speakers are located on the bottom of the laptop, one on either side of the keyboard. There's also a considerably larger vent in that area.

HP Envy 14 (EB0021TX) Review: Specifications and Software

The HP Envy 14 is based on Intel's Evo platform, which is a set of principles for features, performance, and efficiency that has been developed over the years. 


The HP Envy 14 has an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of soldered DDR4 RAM, a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, and a discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU with Max-Q optimization are all included in the configuration that I'm now testing. 


In terms of performance, HP Envy 14 is a fully loaded laptop with extremely powerful components throughout. In this HP Laptop, the stereo speakers are manufactured by Bang & Olufsen. 


For added privacy in the laptop, there is a 720p webcam equipped with software to disable the feature, which can be activated with a single push of a dedicated button on the keyboard. Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 are examples of wireless connectivity options available in HP Envy 14.

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

Despite the fact that HP is still providing the Envy 14 with Windows 10 out of the box, you can choose to update to Windows 11 during the initial setup procedure (though you might want to read the rest of this review before choosing to do so). 


Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 is included as well as the normal trial software preloaded in the HP Envy 14. There is also a slew of HP-developed applications for customizing the sound, display, battery profiles, and system settings. 


There's a great little program called HP Enhanced Lighting that puts a virtual ring light on the screen to assist you in brightening your face during video conversations, which is really useful.

HP Envy 14 (EB0021TX) Review: Performance and Battery Life

As a daily worker, the HP Envy 14 performed admirably over the few weeks that I had it under my belt. I discovered a software fault on the HP Envy 14 review unit that was supplied to me, which caused the device to boot loop when I attempted to update it to the most recent firmware. 


This was also discovered on a replacement machine that HP had sent out. This issue was temporarily resolved by booting into Windows recovery mode and removing the most recent feature update. 


It appears to be related to a clash between both the HP Support Assistant application and Windows 11. If you have an HP Envy 14 or are considering purchasing one, I recommend that you update the firmware before upgrading to Windows 11 in order to avoid this bug.

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

With moderate use, which in my case consisted primarily of browsing the web and using Chrome apps, the HP Envy 14 remained cool and silent. 


In the background, I would occasionally notice fan noise when things were running, such as when Steam was updating, but overall, this HP laptop was comfortable to use on my lap. 


Although the HP Envy 14 weighs slightly more than 1.5kg, it appears to be quite substantial despite its small size. The comfy keyboard and vivid display of HP Envy 14, on the other hand, made both work and play extremely delightful. 


In addition, the dual speakers produce a rich and detailed sound. When there is plenty of light available, the built-in webcam of the laptop produces acceptable results; but, in low light, the footage becomes extremely grainy.

HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

In addition, the HP Envy 14 fared admirably in benchmark tests. PCMark 10 gave it a score of 5,548 points, and 3DMark Fire Strike gave it a score of 7,790 points. 


The SSD performance of the HP Envy 14, in particular, was pretty amazing. Despite the fact that sequential read rates were about 2.65GBps on average, random write speeds were respectable 1.75GBps.


Although the Envy 14 is not intended to be a gaming laptop, the Nvidia GPU will permit you to enjoy games such as Fortnite at high settings while maintaining smooth framerates on the laptop. 


Some of the most demanding games, such as Remedy's Control, were still playable at 1080p at the 'High' quality setting on this HP Laptop, however, the frame rate throughout this game isn't the smoothest, averaging around 26 frames per second on average. 


Lowering the quality settings did make a difference in this case. I'm pleased to report that, while charging the HP Envy 14 or performing other demanding tasks, just the bottom of the laptop becomes hot, with the heat not being experienced often on the keyboard or the palm rest of the laptop.


With a 4-cell, 63.3WHr battery, the HP Envy 14 is capable of providing up to 17.5 hours of video playback, according to the manufacturer. 


In spite of the fact that I didn't watch any videos for that long, with a mix of activities such as working on Google Docs in Chrome, using Slack, streaming videos, and taking a few breaks in between, I extracted about 8-9 hours of uptime on a single charge, which I consider to be excellent for a Windows laptop of this size and weight. 


The fact that I did not have to resort to using the energy efficiency profile in Windows 11 in an effort to do this was another plus. 


The Battery Eater Pro score was, to my surprise, nothing to write home about, as the HP Envy 14 only lasted 1 hour, 22 minutes under these resource-intensive conditions.


HP Envy 14

Image Source: HP

At the time of this review, the HP Envy 14 model (EB0021TX) that I evaluated was available for purchase for Rs. 1,24,999. The HP Envy 14 is pricey, to be sure, but when compared to its competitors, it represents a marginally better value. 


The Dell XPS 13 for example, is priced the same as the previous model but has half the SSD space and no discrete GPU. 


An Ultrabook along with the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon built on Intel's Evo platform costs much less than HP Envy 14 and has roughly the same features as the Envy 14, as well as a QHD display, although it lacks a graphics processor once again.


I believe that the HP Envy 14 achieves a nice mix between battery life, portability and performance, making it a great Ultrabook to consider for your next purchase. 


The HP Envy 14 isn't a direct competitor to the MacBook Pro 13 (M1) because they run on various software platforms and CPU architectures. 


However, if you're searching for a Windows-based alternative to the MacBook Pro 13, the Envy 14 is an excellent choice. 


Some considerations to bear in mind include the fact that it is somewhat hefty and that it takes a bit to open the lid. The webcam's image quality is also a little underwhelming at times.


If you're searching for a premium Ultrabook that can handle both work and (some) play while still surviving through a full workday on a single charge, the HP Envy 14 should top your list.



  • High-end design and construction quality
  • The speakers produce a pleasing sound.
  • Overall, the performance was excellent.
  • Display that is both bright and lively
  • Battery life of up to 24 hours


  • A bit too heavy
  • Webcam of mediocre quality



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