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Prices of new cars to be increased from January

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 29 Dec' 21 | Updated: 13 Jan' 22

 Prices of new cars to be increased from January

Image Source: Maruti

Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Skoda, and Tata are just a few of the automakers who have announced a price hike for cars, SUVs, and other models, which will take effect in January 2022. It is very usual for automobile manufacturers to raise prices at the start of a calendar year as a result of exchange rate variations and growing input and material costs, among other factors. 


Not only have mass-market automakers, but even luxury companies such as Mercedes and Audi, declared a price hike across their whole product line-up, according to reports. Let's take a look at all of the firms that are planning to raise their pricing beginning next month.

Maruti Suzuki Price Hike

Maruti Suzuki was one of the first automobile manufacturers to announce an increase in cars price at the beginning of January 2022. It is expected that the price hike will be applied to all Maruti Arena and Nexa models, albeit the amount will vary from model to model. 


Also, although the degree of the Maruti Suzuki cars price hike on each specific model has not been disclosed as of this writing, the updated pricing is expected to be revealed soon. Maruti increased the prices of its models three times in the year 2021 alone - the first time in January, the second time in April, and the third time in September.

Honda Price Hike

From the beginning of next month, it is predicted that Honda will raise the prices of its models. Automakers have stated that they are investigating how much of the growing input and commodity costs can be absorbed by the company and how much must be passed on to the customer through increased prices. 


In the following days, we should expect to hear an official statement. It is expected that the price hike will apply to all Honda models sold in India.

Renault Price Hike

Renault, like several other automakers, plans to raise the prices of its vehicles starting in January. Renault, like all other automakers, has cited growing input and material prices as the primary reason for the price hike. 


Renault presently offers four models available for purchase in India: the Kwid, the Triber, the Kiger, and the Duster. All of these vehicles are projected to suffer significant price hikes in the near future.

Tata Motors Price Hike

Tata Motors, India's largest automobile manufacturer, has also announced a price hike across its entire vehicle line, which will take effect in January 2022. These are the company's commercial and passenger vehicles, respectively. 


While Tata has indicated a 2.5 percent increase in price for its commercial cars, the company has not provided a specific figure for the increase in the price of its passenger vehicle range.


However, it will be applicable across all of their models, including the recently announced Tata Punch, whether they are electric or ICE-powered.

Toyota Price Hike

Beginning in January 2022, the prices of all Toyota automobiles will increase as well. Toyota, like the other automakers, has not disclosed the magnitude of the price hike, but they have stated that it would apply to all models. 


Depending on which model you buy, the extent of the price increase will likely vary. Toyota is now selling its Innova Crysta and Fortuner, and also the badge-engineered Urban Cruiser and Glanza among other cars.


Rising input and material costs have also played a role in the choice to implement this strategy.

Skoda Price Hike

Skoda has announced that the prices of all of its models already on sale in India – the Kushaq, Octavia, and Superb – price will increase by 3 percent starting in January 2022. 


Price hike for specific models and variants will be announced in the coming months. Skoda has, on the other hand, increased the prices of its models only a few times in 2021, with the Kushaq, Octavia, and Superb, all getting a single price increase each year.

Volkswagen Price Hike

From January 1, 2022, Volkswagen will implement a price hike ranging from 2 to 5 percent on the Polo, Vento, and Taigun models, according to the company. The amount of the price increase for each specific model has not yet been announced by the automaker. 


Although the recently introduced Volkswagen Tiguan facelift has been excluded from the price hike, the older model has been included.

Citroen Price Hike

The C5 Aircross, which is the only Citroen model currently on sale in India, will see a 3 percent price increase in its ex-showroom price. This will be the second price hike on the C5 Aircross in a matter of two months, with the first being in November of this year, when the car's price was increased by up to Rs 1.30 lakh. 


The C5 Aircross has been on the market for less than two years. The C5 Aircross is presently available for purchase in India for a price that ranges between Rs 31.30 lakh and Rs 32.80 lakh (ex-showroom, India).

Mercedes-Benz Price Hike

Mercedes-Benz has announced a 2 percent price increase on some models, despite the fact that the business is offering price protection on certain models. Mercedes has emphasized that clients who have placed orders for MY2021 vehicles and are awaiting delivery will receive their vehicles at the price at which they placed their orders. 


Customers who reserve a specific selection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, such as the A-Class, GLA, and E-Class, by December 31 will also be eligible for price protection.

Audi Price Hike

Audi's price hike will be implemented throughout its entire product portfolio starting in January 2022, according to the automaker's press release. Audi, like all other automakers, has cited growing input and operating expenses as the primary reason for0 the price increase in its announcement.