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How to check if someone read your emails on gmail?

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 30 Dec' 21 | Updated: 13 Jan' 22

How to check if someone read your emails on gmail?

  • You can easily keep track of how many times your emails have been opened
  • You must first download and install the Mailtrack extension from the Chrome web store
  • Without your approval, the service will never perform any unnecessary acts on your behalf


Want to keep track of all of the emails that you receive using Gmail? There is a simple way to determine whether or not the recipient has received and read all of your emails. It is necessary to download and install the Mailtrack extension from the Chrome web store. Here's all you need to know about the process.

What is the procedure for installing the Mailtrack extension?

Search for Mailtrack extension on Google, visit the website and select "Add to Chrome" as your preferred browser option. Afterward, a popup will appear on the website asking if you wish to add the extension. 


It will then lead you to a screen where you will be prompted to sign in with your Google credentials. If you have multiple Google accounts, you must choose which one you wish to use to track your emails from the list provided. 


Following the selection of your Gmail id, you will be prompted to enable Mailtrack access to your Gmail account. To accomplish this, all you have to do is press the "Allow" button on your computer or laptop. You're good to go at this point. 


Take a look at the company's privacy policies and the types of data it collects before we get into how you can send tracked emails from your computer.

Privacy and data collection in Mailtrack

According to the business's web page, the service complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is one of the world's most strict online privacy protection laws and one of the most stringent in the world. Essentially, this implies that your information will continue to be protected.

How to check if someone read your emails on gmail?

It should be mentioned that once you grant the service access to your Gmail account and its contents, the service gains complete control over your account. 


Although Google warns you that this service will have access to your Gmail account, it also warns you that it will be able to read your email, compose new emails, add new emails intended for a different email address into your inbox, send an email on your behalf, delete your email, and create, change, or delete your email labels while granted access. 


Despite this, I was never aware of the site performing any unwanted actions.


According to Mailtrack's privacy policy, the company gathers information such as a user's name or email address, language preferences, current location, email body, payment data, and "any personal data submitted by a user in the context of the provision of the Service." 


It asserts that it requires access to some of these resources in order to function effectively, and Mail Track claims that no one at the firm will ever read your emails, nor will anyone at the company ever send emails on your behalf, nor will anyone at the company ever reveal the content of your emails.

Using Mailtrack to send emails from a smartphone

On your smartphone, you will be able to track your emails once the installation procedure has been completed. 


Step 1: After following the above-mentioned procedure access your Gmail app on your smartphone.


Step 2: You will now need to construct a new email, and before sending it to anyone, you will need to press on the three-dotted icon that is located near the send button.


Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear with the option "Insert from Mailtrack," which you should pick by tapping on it and selecting "Track Email." Once you've done that, you're good to go. Sending your email and keeping track of it in Mailtrack's dashboard on your computer is then possible.


On the mobile version of Gmail, users may also check the status of their messages. However, in order to accomplish this, make certain that you reply to a message using Mailtrack. While you will see a label at the bottom of every email that says "Available add-ons," press on it and you will be able to track your emails.


In addition, you will notice a "Tracked reply" option, which should be used before responding to any other email message. In this section, you will learn the exact time, date, and device that was used to open and read the emailed communication.


The other person does not know whether or not you are using a mail tracking service if that is something you are interested in knowing. In addition to this, the service is not totally free, and a user will need to purchase a plan in order to gain access to more extensive functionality. 


If you do not wish to pay, you can just register for the free version of the program. However, you will only be able to access a limited number of functions. The free version just provides you with information on how many times your email has been viewed. You'll also be notified every time your email is opened, which is convenient.