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6 Best Vacuum Cleaner for home in India

By Indrani | Updated : 23 Jun, 2021 12:21:03pm

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Vacuum Cleaners are one of the most necessary household items. While purchasing a vacuum cleaner for home, you need to ask two important questions. These are: is the vacuum cleaner easy to handle and maintain? Another important question is: Can it really remove dust and dirt from all the areas of your home?

Sweeping is surely helpful to remove the dust and debris from your home but is it really helpful? According to the hygiene reports of Indian houses, it is seen that people who do not vacuum their houses have more dust in comparison to manual sweeping.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home means you are planning to make work easy for you. Consider the surfaces you’ll be cleaning, how big is your home, and how much time you have for cleaning up. Below mentioned are our picks for the best vacuum cleaner in categories of wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Scroll all the way down to check it out and learn more about what to consider before you buy a new vacuum cleaner and how to choose the best vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

With the help of a good Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean surfaces to sofas and beds, etc. Vacuum cleaners can get in anywhere with little effort. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for home is not an easy task. You need to consider various factors like the type of vacuum cleaner, the cost, and maintenance, the areas that it can clean, and the noise it generates.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home Power Consumption Price
 Eureka Forbes Quick Clean 1200-Watt DX Dry Vacuum Cleaner  1200 Watt Buy Now
 Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  1400 Watt Buy Now
 Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner  1000 Watt Buy Now
 INALSA Vacuum Cleaner Easy CLEAN-1200W  1200 Watt Buy Now
 Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner  1400 Watt Buy Now
 American Micronic-AMI-VCD211600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner  1600 Watt Buy Now

1. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

Best Eureka forbes vacuum cleaner for home


+ No extra effort to clean dust and debris, it’s super easy.

+ After-sale services come in handy is instant in case of malfunctioning.

+ Cord winder makes it easy to clean large space a short span of time.

+ Affordable price as per the functionality.


- No such as of now.

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Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners for home in India. Eureka Forbes is one of the top and highly reputed brands in home appliances. After getting huge success in the water purifier industry, Eureka Forbes has now got into the domain of vacuum cleaner. The brand is known for impressive after-sales services, great design, impressively built quality, which led to the popularity and made it an excellent product to rely on.

This Eureka forbes wet and dry vacuum cleaner is compact and compatible and it’s very easy to access. It is easy to move as its lightweight and storing this product is easy because of its small size. When it comes to usability, this eureka forbes vacuum cleaner is super easy to use. The airflow control button makes the work easy and provides you a smooth air-flow. As per the area or type of dust, you need to adjust the airflow and get the work done easily.

Features of Eureka Forbes Quick Clean 1200-Watt DX Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Foot-operated system for easy operation and smart use.

Suction control can easily pull dust, and debris as per requirement.

Dust Bag is large and has a smart indicator for the full and empty case.

Automatic cord winder helps to have an easy work process without facing tangled wire.

Has one year of warranty from the manufacturer on this eureka forbes vacuum cleaner.            


This Eureka Forbes vacuum Cleaner has great built quality with easy access to all the controls which makes cleaning super simple and smooth. The built-quality and the after-sales services make it value for money deal that’s why we decided to rank Eureka Forbes Quick Clean 1200-Watt DX Dry Vacuum Cleaner as one of the best vacuum cleaners for home in India.

2. Philips Vacuum Cleaner

Best Philips Vacuum Cleaner for Home


+ The cleaning process is easy with the long hose of this Philips vacuum cleaner.

+ It is lightweight and can be moved easily from one place to another.

+ Storage capacity is sufficient to clean large rooms in a single go.

+ The smart bag-less design makes the cleaning process convenient.

+ Has stunning looks and it can enhance the décor easily.

+ Buttons can be easily accessed with your foot.


- Product comes with Linited attachments.

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Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has an elegant design with great features and falls under the most affordable or above average product. The stunning color that looks premium and is soothing to the eyes. If you are planning to buy this phiips vacuum cleaner, you will have great satisfaction due to its quality design and it adds up to decor too.

The work and usability, is superb. This Philips vacuum cleaner has basic features like powerful suction, garbage storage, long wire, and easy to use buttons. All these features make it one of the best home vacuum cleaners for home in India. The electricity consumption is low as compared to the other vacuum cleaners. Phillips vacuum cleaner after-sale service is praiseworthy and is always ready to help you in hard times.

Features of Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The elegant looks and the bagless design with a smart cleaning kit make it lucrative.

Premium color and a smooth finish.

It is a power pro with a compact size for easy use.

Easy to clean option and the dusting capacity is 1.5 liters.

Comes with two years warranty from the manufacturers on this Philips vacuum cleaner.

Powerful suction with large wire for easy cleaning.

Long handle for hard reaching places.


Overall, this Philips Vacuum Cleaner has brand credibility is also highly rated. People who want a smart and mini vacuum cleaner for home with a bagless facility can definitely go for this one.

3. Karcher Vacuum Cleaner

Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner for Home


+ A hard and sturdy design makes it durable.

+ Easy cleaning features for cars, houses, and other places.

+ Price is genuine as compared to the features

+ Bag capacity is 17 liters which are sufficient for the entire cleaning

+ Powerful suction with German technology

+ Long hoes with removable handle for the perfect cleaning at every corner


- Look wise it’s not that attractive.

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In case, you haven’t heard the name of Karcher then we can give you a brief. Karcher is a well-known and one of the best vacuum cleaners for car. This Karcher vacuum cleaner is mostly preferred by car cleaning and office cleaning agencies for their large capacity and powerful section. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner has been listed as one of the best vacuum cleaners for home in India because it has a higher capacity for the smaller price point for best use.

This karcher vacuum cleaner can be used to clean your car, home, and other places like the kitchen or backyard. Having a large capacity means you can go for long cleaning tour of the home and you will not run out of space with the large bag. The powerful suction of this karcher vacuum cleaner will not take much time cleaning the home and it has the smart built-in control buttons to ease the work during the use. You can find it a super convenient and reliable choice.

Features of Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner so, it’s appropriate for all kind of dirt

Large suction hoes make the cleaning easy even at hard-to-reach places at home or in the car.

The capacity of 1000 watts can give you extremely high suction power.

The plastic bag capacity is 17 liters which means enough storage for your dirt.

Comes with four tires to roll it anywhere you want to go.

The sturdy bumper is provided to avoid breaking the product and using it safely.


If you want to opt for a product that has great usability then you can easily prefer Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner. This karcher vacuum cleaner also has other features like easy to role tires and an affordable price so you can rely on it over the other ones.

4. INALSA Vacuum Cleaner 

Best Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner for Home


+ The Inalsa vacuum cleaner is portable due to its small and compact size so can be carried easily anywhere.

+ The red color shiny design makes it look attractive.

+ Available for a highly affordable price point as compared to the others.

+ Doesn’t waste power as it has a medium-size motor for use.

+ Cleaning is highly effective, reliable and a better choice to consider.


- The built quality is not that strong as compared to the other products

- Sometimes, the product gets overheated on long use.

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Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Easy CLEAN-1200W can be the perfect cleaning partner for medium-sized homes. It is one of the budgeted collections that makes it affordable to all. This Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner has medium suction power. Mostly of cheap vacuum cleaners has 1000 watts cleaning motors whereas Inalsa vacuum cleaner has 1200 watts. Inalsa vacuum cleaner comes at a middle-range price point but has tried to fulfil all the basic requirements.

As the brand credibility is not high, it is hard to recommend this product but if you consider the number of purchases and positive reviews on Amazon, you can find it as the perfect deal. The built quality is genuine and it has some great features that you may be expecting in an expensive wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Let’s consider the major features of this product to know what makes it a good choice.

Features of INALSA Vacuum Cleaner Easy CLEAN-1200W

This Inalsa vacuum cleaner comes with a long hose pipe length for easy cleaning.

The powerful motor of 1200 W is effective for better suction power.

As it has a medium-sized motor so power consumption is comparatively low.

This vacuum cleaner comes with an overheat protection cover to reduce overheating due to long use.

Can clean carpet, room, car, and small areas in a single go

2L capacity is so sufficient for whole-house cleaning.


Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Easy CLEAN-1200W has been ranked in our list of best vacuum cleaners for home in India due to its affordability, looks, and easy cleaning feature. So, if you have a small budget and you want to enjoy a great cleaning experience then you can consider the purchase of Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Easy CLEAN-1200W and grab the best price deal without spending a huge amount of money.

5. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

Best Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner for Home


+ Air Dust catcher comes with a small bag for easy cleaning.

+ Compact design so you can easily move it around the house.

+ Comes with two wheels with the help of these wheels you can slightly pick the front part and move it.

+ Efficiently cleans all soft areas such as carpet, bed sheets, etc., and easily reaches at the ceiling, and other places.

+ Available at an affordable price.

+ Suction is highly effective and powerful for easier cleaning.


- Built quality of this Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner  is not up to the mark.

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If you want to enjoy the best deal with all the great features at the lower price point, then Panasonic is the first choice that comes to the vacuum cleaner. Panasonic is a renowned brand and you can rely on it without a single issue. Panasonic is manufacturing some great value for money electric appliances and household products both with lower and high-end price points. Today we will discuss Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1400-Watt MC-CG304 that has been listed on our list of best vacuum cleaners for homes in India due to its affordability.

Panasonic has provided excellent built quality and with innovative design tweaks. This Panasonic vacuum cleaner has simple looks but it got all the features like powerful suction of 1400 W motor, tangle-free cable, and compact design, which makes whole work easier. All these features make it a perfect choice to opt for.

Features of Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

This Panasonic vacuum cleaner comes with the eco power option and has a compact size format.

It got 1400 Watts powerful suction pump for effective cleaning.

It is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to move and use.

Available in two variants with a slight price difference.

Can be used to clean soft surface such as bedsheet, carpet, sofa, etc.

The cleaner has long hoes that enable it to reach hard places.

Comes with an onsite warranty from the manufacturer.


It seems that the lower price has made the manufacturer compromise with the built quality. But undoubtedly the features are great. It also comes with one year warranty so you can rely on the product and can purchase this Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner without any doubt.

6. American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner

Best American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner for Home


+ Can be used for clean soft surface and hard surface at the same time. Places such as carpet, couches, and curtains can be cleaned and dusted very easily.

+ The design is sturdy and comes with a four-tire base among which two are small wheels and two are large wheels.

+ The vacuum cleaner is easy to move all over the place for smooth function.

+ The blower is powerful enough to be used on the lawn and for many other purposes.


- The power consumption rate is high so consume lots of energy.

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If you have a garden and are tired of manual cleaning, then this Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner will help you to serve this purpose. American Micronic-AMI-VCD211600WDx - Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a two-in-one product and can be used for both purposes, of suction to clean dust and dirt from your home and also helps in blowing leaves from your garden. Most of the people with a small garden widely in India and prefer a vacuum cleaner which has blowers because the deal becomes much cheaper as you can use one product for various purposes. Because of this feature, American Micronic vacuum cleaner has become a popular brand and is in huge demand in India. This dual feature has made us rank this product in our list of best vacuum cleaners for home in India.

One of the prime factors of this American Micronic vacuum cleaner is the built quality. The Blower Function has a simple design but is extremely efficient. The price is quite cheaper if you see its usability as you will get a genuine wet and dry vacuum cleaner and blower together. People with a garden, lawn, or backyard should prefer it.

Features of American Micronic-AMI-VCD211600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner so you can use this in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, balcony, or the entire home.

The powerful blower is very helpful to blow away the dry leaves in the autumn season.

You can clean the swimming pool after they dry off.

This American Micronic vacuum cleaner has a sturdy body with a large storage capacity which will make the cleaning easy, especially for bigger areas.

The motor is powerful has it has 1600 watts of power for a stunning performance.


No doubt as compared to the two functionalities this wet and Dry vacuum cleaner doesn’t cost that big amount but it doesn’t mean that you need to opt for this two-in-one vacuum cleaner unless you require it. If you have a garden then you can definitely go for the American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blower Function.