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5 Best Refrigerator (Fridge) in India 2021

By Kumar Vivek | Published: 22 Dec' 21 | Updated: 13 Jan' 22

Best Refrigerator in India

Refrigerators are one of the essential home appliances as they help to maintain the freshness and shelf life of perishable food items. Today, there are various types and patterns of refrigerators available from different brands, so picking the best refrigerator in India can be quite confusing.


A refrigerator is most commonly called a fridge and has become a mandatory kitchen appliance for every house. The refrigerator is a bit expensive but serves its purpose for at least 10-12 years. So, whenever you are planning to buy a new refrigerator/fridge, you need to consider few factors like brand, type, capacity, family size, storage frequency, budget, eating habits, and many more.


Moreover, there is no single model that can be called the best fridge in India. You need to ensure quality, price, variety, and the requirement while opting for the best refrigerator brands. Today we will discuss every factor in detail and give you a complete buyer’s guide of Best Refrigerator in India.


To help you narrow down your search for the best refrigerator in India, here are the top fridge models from the best refrigerator brands in India that you can consider.

Best Refrigerators in India Capacity Type Energy Rating Inverter Compressor Fridge Space Freezer Space Price
 SAMSUNG-RT34T4513S8/HL 324L Double Door Convertible 3-Star Yes 236L 88L Buy Now
 Samsung (RR22M272ZS8) 212L Single Door 3-Star Yes 187L 25L Buy Now
 Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Protton 240L Triple Door NA* No 176L 64L Buy Now
 LG GL-D201ARGY 190L Single Door 4-Star Yes 168L 22L Buy Now
 Haier HED- 20CFDS 195L Single Door 4-Star No 176L 19L Buy Now

*BEE does not provide rating for triple door

1. Samsung double door fridge 324 L (Model no.- RT34T4513S8/HL)

Best Samsung Refrigerator in India


+ Space management due to the flexibility provided by the convertible refrigerator.

+ 3 stars so, fairly good energy efficiency is expected

+ Cooling is done quickly with power cool and power freeze technology.



- No locking system is provided.

Samsung’s 5 in 1 convertible double door refrigerator comes with a stylish design and power-packed features. This Samsung double door refrigerator provides the ultimate flexible storage. You can easily convert your freezer into a fridge to store all the fresh food you need for different occasions.


You can also switch to an off mode to save energy; there are five different modes for your different needs. Samsung guarantees durability and energy efficiency. The Digital Inverter Compressor ensures a trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator. This Samsung Refrigerator deep door has storage space for larger drinks and jars.


The new Samsung double door refrigerator can meet all your food storage needs that makes it best Refrigerator in India.

5 Operation Modes

The best thing about this Samsung double door refrigerator is that it is a smart convertible—meaning it has five different operation modes. We will discuss more on this later. The fridge’s temperature and the freezer can be adjusted through the external digital LED display placed on the freezer door.


The Samsung double door refrigerator utilize Digital Inverter Compressor, which has better energy efficiency, durability, and cooling too. The compressor runs at seven different speeds so that consistent temperature inside this Samsung refrigerator. When you open the door, the compressor runs faster to bring down the temperature, and once it gets stabilized, it runs at a slow speed to maintain the temperature.

Cooling Efficiency:

Samsung offers excellent cooling efficiency and the best technologies for preserving food for a more extended period of time. The minimal temperature variance and optimal humidity help to preserve fresh produce for a longer period.


The Digital Inverter compressor in this Samsung double door refrigerator helps to maintain minimal temperature variation inside the fridge. The 5-in-1 convertible refrigerators, dual evaporators are used both for the fridge and the freezer. It ensures the air circulated inside the refrigerator has sufficient moisture to circulate in the freezer.


Thus, fresh food gets sufficient moisture and lasts longer. Also, it prevents odor mixing. Additionally, the Power Freeze and Power Cool technology which makes ice and chills food 31% faster.

Energy Efficiency:

The 3-star energy rating helps to consume about 209 units of electricity annually. But this Samsung double door refrigerator offer excellent flexibility in terms of energy consumption.


This Samsung fridge has a total capacity of 324 Liters, with a gross capacity of 236 liters, and the freezer capacity is 88 liters. As it’s a convertible refrigerator, you have a flexible space to manage enough space for storage.


The five modes of this Samsung double door refrigerator are- Normal mode, where fridge and freezer operate as normal; Seasonal Mode where freezer is idle and fridge works as normal; Vacation mode where the fridge is idle and freezer works as normal, Extra Fridge Mode where the freezer is converted to fridge; and Home Alone Mode where Fridge is idle and freezer works as a mini-fridge.


The Samsung fridge has four main toughened glass shelves and 3 door shelves with one with a big bottle guard. This Samsung double door refrigerator has a door alarm, which is also positive. Other than that, it doesn’t have a lock; you can’t really find any fault with this refrigerator. The versatile functions and user-friendly features make it one of the best refrigerators in India.

2. Samsung Single Door Refrigerator 212L 3 Star Direct Cool (Model no- RR22M272ZS8)

Best Samsung Refrigerator in India


+ The digital inverter compressor has cooling efficiency and gives optimal energy.

+ Provides excellent cooling

+ Comes in larger capacity at a budget-friendly price



- The energy efficiency is comparatively low.

Samsung is one of the renowned names when it comes to home appliances. And if we talk about best refrigerator in India, then the very first name that comes into our mind is Samsung. Samsung has a good collection of different refrigerator models. In one-word Samsung is one of best refrigerator brands in India.


And if you are having medium sized family and looking for best refrigerator under 20000, then Samsung single door refrigerator 212L 3 Star Direct Cool can be the best option for you.


This Samsung single door refrigerator uses the Digital Inverter Compressor, which is a good one. The compressor runs at a varying speed depending on the food load to optimize the energy consumption, and thus balances minimize temperature variance inside the fridge.

Cooling Efficiency:

 Like any other single door refrigerator, you need to occasionally defrost the freezer and have an auto-defrost function. The cooling efficiency of Samsung single door refrigerator is generally superb. The digital inverter compressor guarantees that consistent temperature is maintained at all times.


The vegetable box doesn’t have a humidity controller. But if you store fresh produce, you can preserve it for a week easily.

Energy Efficiency:

This Samsung single door refrigerator has a 3-star energy rating and thus utilizing 166 units of electricity. It does not require a stabilizer and can work properly even when voltage fluctuates between 100 to 270 Volts. Further, the refrigerator can be powered with your home inverter as well as solar energy.


Like other single door refrigerators, you need to defrost the freezer by pressing the defrost button manually.


This Samsung fridge has a gross capacity of 212 Liters, among which the fresh food refrigeration capacity is 187 liters, and the freezer space is 25 litres. This Samsung single door refrigerator has a new cool zone in addition to the super freeze zone for storing milk, curd, and desserts.


Blow there are three main shelves, and on the door, you have four shelves for keeping eggs, bottles, and other smaller bottles or jars. The door shelf for water is on a higher level, so you don’t need to bend over to take water frequently. Overall, it is quite functionally designed.

Other features include-

Toughened glass shelves that can easily hold weight up to 150 kg


Chromium Handle with Keyhole on it


Big bottle guard that is spacious enough for storing larger bottles


An anti-bacterial gasket is provided that prevents bacterial and fungal build-up inside the refrigerator.


The Digital Inverter Compressor and the high energy efficiency and proper intelligent design make it yet another choice of best refrigerators in India.

3. Whirlpool Royal Protton Frost-Free triple Door Refrigerator (Model no- FP 263D)

Best Whirlpool Refrigerator in India


+ This refrigerator has good space management.

+ Efficient and quick cooling.

+ To keep vegetables fresher for longer, the fridge comes with Microblock and ActiFresh technology.



- This fridge uses a conventional reciprocatory compressor, which results in higher temperature variance.

- The freezer / vegetable box does not have light in it.

Whirlpool is another well-known brand in home appliances. Whirlpool being an American brand use some of the best features, in their appliances, which makes this brand unique. Whirlpool is another trusted and best refrigerator brand in India. This whirlpool three door refrigerator promises to keep food fresher for longer.


It comes in a triple door format with a separating freezer, refrigerator, and vegetable box. It has a capacity of 240 liters. If you are looking for the best refrigerator in India that can be appropriate for medium to big-sized family, then Whirlpool Royal Protton Frost-Free triple Door Refrigerator can be best option for you.


This Whirlpool triple door refrigerator uses a reciprocatory compressor, which automatically switches itself off when it has cooled the interiors to a preset level. Further, when the temperature falls, the thermostat detects it to a particular level, it signals to restarts the compressor.


The reciprocatory compressor doesn’t have the energy and cooling efficiency as that of the inverter compressor. Whirlpool offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor, so you can be assured of its durability.

Cooling Efficiency:

The cooling efficiency of this Whirlpool three door refrigerator is generally good. The new 6th sense ActiFresh Technology enables the cold air to flow around the compartment, which is made out of Microblock—an anti-microbial additive. This technology retains moisture, thus preventing microbial formation and increasing the shelf- life of vegetables and fruits significantly.


The whirlpool refrigerator section also has air boosters for uniform cooling.

Energy Efficiency:

Whirlpool claims that it is pretty energy efficient compared to other refrigerators in this segment. BEE does not provide an energy rating for refrigerators with multiple-door. Hence, there is no official energy rating declared by the company.


This whirlpool triple door has a gross capacity of 240 liters. The fresh food refrigeration capacity is 176 liters, while the freezer space is 64 liters. There are separate doors to the freezer that segments the fridge and vegetable basket. Inside this whirlpool triple door refrigerator, there is a Deli zone, which is an enclosed space.


So, the temperature in this area remains stable and does not increase when you open the door. This feature makes it ideal for storing temperature-sensitive food and medicines. There are four hardened glass shelves and the base, which also acts as a shelf where you can store food.


But the height of these shelves is less, and there are no height-adjustable features. There are three shelves on the side of the doors to store juices, condiments, and water, and a smaller shelf almost half the width to store smaller jars and eggs. Whirlpool doesn’t have light in the freezer or vegetable section, neither it has an open-door alarm.


Do not overstuff the vegetable tray as it could lead to moisture build-up and fungal formation in just four to five days. The vegetable tray cannot be completely pulled outside for cleaning purposes. The refrigerator from Whirlpool is available in three colours, namely Caviar Black, Alpha Steel, and German Steel.


If you have a big family, then Whirlpool Royal Protton Frost-Free Triple Door Refrigerator can be one of the best refrigerators in India.

4. LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (Model No. GL-D201ARGY)

Best LG Refrigerator in India


+ The smart inverter compressor has excellent cooling efficiency and gives optimal energy.

+ The fridge has extra storage space for storing vegetables.

+ Comes with minimum temperature variance inside the refrigerator



- At times you may experience delayed installation and delivery.

LG is a renowned South Korean brand that has really made its own trusted market in India. If you are looking for refrigerator in the budget segment, then LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator can be the best fridge in India to buy. LG is well-known for its durability and its spare parts are easily available in Indian market.


This LG single door refrigerator comes in three stylish colors and designs in which it is available. The modern single door refrigerator from LG comes with unmatched performance, super silent operation, significant savings, and Smart inverter Compressor.


This LG single door refrigerator model has a 4-star rating in energy consumption, which means a better understanding of energy-saving capacity. The direct cooling technology makes the fridge more efficient and effective. It can retain the freshness for up to 6-7 hours during power cuts.


This LG refrigeartor has two shelves of spill-proof and unbreakable toughened glass, which can take a load up to 175 kg. There are an egg tray and a vegetable compartment of 12.6 liters capacity.


This LG Refrigerator has a smart inverter compressor, which is far more durable than the conventional reciprocatory compressor. This compressor has better energy, excellent cooling efficiency, and higher durability than the conventional reciprocatory compressor. 

Cooling Efficiency:

LG refrigerator uses a smart inverter compressor, so the temperature variance is minimal. It comes with numerous cooling vents in the backside that help circulate the cool air effectively to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. You have to defrost the ice build-up in the freezer occasionally by pressing the defrost button.

Energy Efficiency:

This LG single door refrigerator has 4-star energy rating which consumes just 130 units of electricity annually, which is almost at par with the top-seller in the segment. This LG refrigerator can work on solar energy. The solar charge controller converts the intermittent DC generated into fixed DC voltage and converts into AC; this how it can run directly on solar energy.


It can also run during power cuts on your home inverter. The LG refrigerator consumes minimal energy to kickstart itself. You don’t need to buy a stabilizer for the Refrigerator if the voltage fluctuation in your home is between 90 to 310 Volts.


If you have a small family of less than 2-3 members, this LG single door refrigerator is best. The excellent cooling and energy efficiency make it one of the best refrigerators in India.


The LG GL-D201ARGY refrigerator has a tremendous spacious interior. It comes with a 190-liter capacity, including a 12.2-liter vegetable crisper. The freezer has a 22-liter capacity, while the refrigerator has a 168-liter capacity. It has a fast-freezing zone for frozen food and also has a cold and fresh zone for keeping milk and desserts.


A notable feature of this LG refrigerator is that it has a bottom shelf outside, which gives the refrigerator an attractive look by hiding its legs and proves to be a utilitarian space for keeping vegetables like onion and potato, which doesn’t require refrigeration.

Other features include-

It has toughened glass shelves capable of holding up to 175 kg weight.


The anti-bacterial gasket keeps away bacterial and fungal formation inside the refrigerator.


The Lattice type vegetable tray cover maintains the right moisture to enhance the shelf life of the vegetables.


The patented ice tray mixed with Aluminium to speed up the ice making process


The Powercut Evercool Lite, is the unique material inside the refrigerator ceiling that balances the temperature inside the freezer for up to 9 hours in case of a power failure.

5. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (model no.- HED- 20CFDS)

Best Haier Refrigerator in India


+ Price is budget-friendly

+ Ideal for a small family

+ Has excellent energy efficiency

+ Comes with quick cooling technology.

+ Maintains cool temperature in the freezer for up to 10 hours.



- Due to reciprocatory compressor temperature variance is higher.

Haier with time, has created a good image in Indian market. People are really tending to buy Haier home appliances, as it provides all necessary features at a really cheaper price. People who are looking for more features within lower price segment, for them Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator can be the best refrigerator in India.


This Haier Single Door Refrigerator is best suitable for bachelors and small families. This is basic in design and is budget-friendly, and is also high performing.


This Haier refrigerator from Haier uses a conventional reciprocatory compressor, which is not as energy and cooling efficiency as an inverter compressor. But again, with a reciprocatory compressor, the price is always low.

Cooling Efficiency:

The Haier Refrigerator has direct cool technology and has a button to defrost the ice built up in the freezer. As it uses a reciprocatory compressor, you observe temperature variation due to frequent switching on and off the compressor. But temperature within various sections is more or less uniform thanks to well-placed cooling vents.


The design of the vegetable box is also necessary. No humidity controller helps keep vegetables at optimal humidity. The vitamin C filter, however, helps keep bacteria growth under control. There is a cooling pad in the freezer of this Haier single door refrigerator that helps maintain a low temperature in the freezer for about 10 hours in case of a power failure. Overall, the unit has fairly good features that help preserve food for longer.

Energy Efficiency:

Though the Haier refrigerator runs on a conventional reciprocatory compressor, it is quite an energy-efficient. It has a four-star energy rating and consumes just 130 units annually.  


The Haier refrigerator has a gross capacity of 195 liters. The fresh food refrigerator capacity is 176 liters, while the freezer has a 19-liter capacity. There are sufficient door shelves for smaller bottles and jars and has four main shelves made of toughened glass.


But the shelf height cannot be adjusted, and the side rack can be used for 2-liter bottles only. In case you are a non-vegetarian and usually stock up fish and meat in the freezer, you might not be happy with this refrigerator as the freezer space is quiet less. This Haier Refrigerator doesn’t have features like an open-door alarm.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly single door refrigerator, then this is one of the best refrigerators in India. The newer model of this refrigerator comes with 220-litre capacity, with 3-star energy rating that consumes 168 units of electricity annually.


So, if you have a higher budget, then you can go for this one too. 

Other essential features are: -

The single hour Icing Technology reduces the temperature of the freezer to -5 degree Celsius in just 60 minutes.


The Vitamin C Fresh block helps keep the fruits and vegetables rack fresh for up to 7 days.


The Cool Pad in the freezer maintains extra 10 hours of cooling in case of a power failure.


The anti-fungal gasket helps to prevent bacteria, and fungal growth on the fridge, and this refrigerator has Child Lock too that will help you to protect it from unwanted intervention.

Refrigerator Buying guide india

Before you decide to purchase a refrigerator for your home, you need to consider a few facts and the fridge's the size/ capacity. If you are a bachelor or only a family of two, you will need a fridge of less than 200 ml. If you are buying for three to four members' families, then the ideal size will be 200L to 300 L.


For larger families, you will need refrigerators of more than 400 L. Check the compressor and the type of door; this solely depends on your choice. There are single door, double door, or multi door refrigerator available in the market. Inverter type compressor will help you get rid of voltage fluctuation. You need to ensure the energy rating for smart energy savings.


Further, you need to decide on the best refrigerator for your home. We have tried to list some of the best refrigerator in India, keeping all types of needs in mind. Further, if you have any queries before buying the best refrigerator in India for your home, then please write to us, we will definitely try to sort your query.