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5 Best Inverter for home in India

By Indrani | Updated : 14 Sep, 2021 06:35:46am

Best Inverter for Home

Load shedding and power cuts are common occurrences in all places of India. If we talk about metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, they are even witnessing these instances frequently. But if you are staying in tier II or tier III cities, towns, and villages, power cut is a significant issue that every family faces.

In cities, the power failures range between two and four hours daily, and in villages, it’s more than eight to ten hours, which is just unbearable at times. Under such circumstances, it becomes inevitable to have an alternative power backup solution ready. That is where an inverter comes into the picture.

When you are planning to buy a new inverter for home, it is essential to escape from all sorts of marketing gimmicks and understand the basic features and related facts; eventually, that can be helpful before purchasing an inverter for home. Selecting the best inverter for your home is always based on your requirements, so it is different for every family. And that is how the right inverter with battery system can help you get the right solution that can solve your needs. In this article, we will discuss various power backup solutions and their pros and cons in different situations.

The Different Power Supply Solutions

Now there are many solutions. The first and most convenient solution that comes to mind is the Inverter for the home. The next standard solution can be a UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply unit.

There are some other options like a diesel generator or using solar power to get the necessary backup. In this section, we will discuss about the best Inverter for home and discuss how to choose the right Inverter for your home.

We highly recommend going through the Buying Guide for a best inverter for home so that you can get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Inverter technologies.

In case you are planning for long term investment, it is better to look into some important feature before making the purchase of Inverter for home. It will help you to choose the right one based on your needs.

1. Types of Inverters

Inverters are categorized into three types based on their working principle. The three categories are pure sine wave, modified sine wave, and square wave.

Pure Sine Wave and modified sine wave Inverters are best suitable for heavy loads, which includes microwaves, mixer grinders, laptops, and TVs. Pure Sine Wave and modified sine wave Inverters are costlier. Square Wave Inverters are the cheapest but is suitable for basic power back requirements like fans and lights.

2. Capacity of the Inverter

The capacity of the Inverter represents the number of devices, and the number of hours it can provide power continuously. Capacity is measured in Volt-Amp (VA). The basic thumb rule is – larger the capacity, the higher the number of appliances it can provide power back up simultaneously.

3. Size of the Battery

The battery is the most important part of an inverter as it stores the power for the backup. So, it is always advisable to go for the best inverter battery that have a larger capacity for maximum hours of backup.

Without wasting any more time, let’s see which are the best Inverter for your home

Best Inverter for Home Power Warranty Price
 V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter  960 W/1200 VA  2 Years Buy Now
 Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS  756 W / 900 VA  2 Years Buy Now
 Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter  760 W/950 VA  2 Years Buy Now
 Microtek - UPS 24x7 HB 725VA  580 W / 725 VA  2 Years Buy Now
 APC 1500 VA 1200-Watt Sine Wave Home UPS-Inverter  1200 W/ 1500 VA  2 Years Buy Now

1. V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1150 Inverter

Best V-Guard inverter in India


+ The brand provides amazing Customer Support

+ The inverter battery comes with 2 Years Product Warranty

+ It has High-Quality Copper & Aluminum Wiring


- The battery has a light-colored outer body, so may get dirty in no-time

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V-Guard is a quiet well-reputed brand in the domain of electronics. V-guard is famous for its great performance in the Indian markets. They produce quality inverters. The V guard inverter with battery for home can be an appropriate choice for Indians. V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter is one of the best inverters in India that are durable and consumes significantly less power. This V guard inverter can handle high inrush load easily. The battery gravity builder protects over-charge and discharge. It can be operated on various modes based on normal or high voltage for constant output performance. There are two modes in this appliance, UPS & normal mode. These modes can be applied using the switch in the front panel of the inverter. The V guard inverter comes with the provision to operate on different battery technology and has selectable charging modes, accordingly. The selector switch helps to adjust the battery capacities that vary between BO to 230Ah. The digital signal controller design in this V guard inverter assures the pure sine wave output. The automatic battery water topping indicator helps to get rid of battery failure and eases the process of refilling. V Guard inverter has a higher backup that can last long. The product comes with two years of warranty. To know the updated inverter price or inverter battery Price, check amazon.in

Key Specifications and Features

• Selectable charging mode for different battery technologies

• Normal/high voltage modes

• Front switch to access the ups and normal modes easily.

• Comes with a standard warranty of 24 months

• Intelligent fuzzy logic battery water topping reminder

2.  Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

Best Luminous Inverter in India


+ Pure Sine Wave inverter is best for electronics goods

+ The LCD Display reflects the charge levels and charging time

+ This inverter provides a good protection for appliances

+ The UPS mode of the inverter can easily handle voltage fluctuations


- If you are looking for using a good number of devices or big appliances, then 900 VA is a bit small for you.

- During low voltage, the charging of batteries is not possible.

- The bypass switch is not automatic

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Luminous is one of the most renowned inverter brands available. If you are looking for one of the most popular inverters for home, then Luminous is one of the best inverters in India that available in market. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 comes with 900 VA/12 V (single battery), making it ideal for most regular households in India. Though the model number is 1100, it is actually a 900 VA inverter. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 can also handle a refrigerator and/or a mixer grinder along with your lights and fans; this makes it ideal for a typical home. This Luminous inverter has a 32 bit DSP processor, which acts as a battery management system and has an adaptive learning capability to optimize the charging of the battery. This Luminous inverter provides safety to all your electronic and home appliances. It comes with an inbuilt MCB with short circuit and overload protection. The Luminous inverter can efficiently protect from deep discharge. The UPS mode balances the output voltage so that the appliances in your house are well-protected. But this UPS mode consumes the battery, and thus the electricity consumption will be higher. In case you don’t want the UPS mode, you can use the Eco mode to save the drainage of the battery. The Luminous inverter consumes the max charging current of 15 Amps.  Luminous Zelio+ 1100 can support all types of batteries- Tubular, Flat, or maintenance-free VRLA batteries. The LCD Display of the inverter provides information on the charging time, backup left, and even water level remaining in the batteries. The LCD display shows the error in case of a system fault, and you can bypass the inverter with an easy UPS switch. As it’s a Sine Wave Inverter, it provides a low harmonic distortion and is noiseless. You can check amazon.in to know the latest discounted luminous inverter price.

Key Specifications and Features

• Pure Sinewave

• 900 VA/630-700 watts

• 12V (Single Battery)

• LCD Display

• MCB Input

• Easy Bypass switch

• ECO & UPS mode

• Intelligent Home UPS

• 15 Amp

• Two years warranty

3. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Best Microtek Inverter in India


+ Comes with a Smart Overload Sensor

+ The inverter has Short Circuit Protection Feature.

+ Comes with two years product warranty


- The inverter has a bulky body

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Microtek is a well-known and one of the best inverter brands in India that available in market. The brand is recommended and trusted on a wide basis for its budget-friendly & quality products. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter is a 950VA rated capacity and has an output power of 760W. The charging current is 10A. The battery mode of this Microtek inverter delivers over 80% efficiency. It is very user-friendly and can be operated on a standard voltage range of 100V-300V and even in a narrow voltage range of 180V-260V. This Microtek inverter is designed as per the micro-controller design. The in-built protective circuit has a smart sensor that protects the inverter against short circuits, over discharge, and batteries' deep discharge. If there is an overload or short-circuit, the protection mode gets activated and shuts down the output. The pure sine-wave technology in this Microtek Inverter ensures efficiency, durability, and security to the inverter & gives long shelf life. The Microtek Inverter has noiseless functioning of inductive loads. This Microtek inverter is best for a 2-3BHK home. It can acquaint itself with batteries ranging from 100 to 180 ah. The running load of this UPS includes fans, lights, television, and computer in a combined state. This Microtek inverter is light in weight, which is quite advantageous as it increases the convenience of its usage. Microtek is offering two years of warranty on this inverter. To know the Microtek inverter price, or Microtek inverter price visit amazon.in

Key Specifications and Features

• Input voltage (standard range) 100 v - 300 v

• Charging Current (Standard) : 10 Amps ± 1 Amps

• Output Power- 760 Watts.

• Rated Capacity- 950 VA

• Efficiency (Battery Mode) > 80%

• Warranty 2 years

• Smart overload sense and short circuit protection

4. Microtek - UPS 24x7 HB 725VA

Best Microtek Inverter in India


+ It’s a noiseless Sine Wave Inverter

+ The quick charging technology is really good

+ Comes with a better battery management


- The switchover time is a bit longer

- There is no LCD display to know the battery status and charging

- It does not have a circuit breaker

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Microtek - UPS 24x7 HB 725VA can be the best inverter for your home if you are looking for an inverter for a small home requirement.  Microtek - UPS 24x7 HB 725VA can run few fans, a few lights, and a TV/computer. This Microtek inverter has a single battery of 725 VA/12 V and is a pure sine wave inverter which comes with excellent noiseless performance. It has an IBGM (Intelli Battery Gravity Management) Technology that makes it inverter for home. It is an intelligent battery management technology that helps in quick charging of the inverter battery and provides longer battery life and longer backups. It has two charging modes: standard (10 Amp) and Fast Charging (14 Amps), which includes a regular 150 Ah battery, which gets charged in 150/10 = 15 hours in standard mode and 150/14 = 10.71 hours in fast charging mode. The Microtek inverter utilizes PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging, which ensures better battery health when the battery is at full capacity. The in-built bypass switch to bypass the inverter in case there is trouble in the inverter. This Microtek inverter with battery can also operate at low voltages of 100 V and even at high voltages up to 300V. The efficiency of the inverter battery is 80 % when used in battery mode. It has an automatic switchover from mains to the inverter and vice versa, and it happens in less than 15 msec. Overall it’s one of the best inverter for home if you are dwelling in a small home. If you are planning to purchase this inverter visit amazon to know the Microtek inverter price or Microtek Inverter battery price.

Key Specifications and Features

• Pure Sinewave

• 725 VA/580 watts

• 12V (Single Battery)

• 2 Years Warranty

• 10 Amp (Standard Charging)

• 14 Amp (Fast Charging)

• Hybrid Technology

• IBM Technology

5. APC 1500 VA 1200-Watt Sine Wave Home UPS-Inverter

Best APC Inverter in India


+ The inverter battery is Shock-Resistant

+ It comes with a backup of up to 5 hours.

+ This inverter is specially designed for Indian homes.

+ The brand provides 2 years Inverter Warranty


- The battery is not much popular as other top brands Luminous, Microtek & V-Guard.

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APC is one of the highly proposed brands and providing best inverters in India at very affordable prices. Their after sales service & contributions are well-known and ensures promising quality & outstanding performance. APC 1500 VA 1200-Watt Sine Wave Home UPS-Inverter is a high-quality inverter that ensures continuous and constant power supply during power cuts and voltage fluctuations. The output power capacity of this APC inverter is 1200 watts / 1500 VA. It is designed by experienced experts, as it can back up your device during power cuts. The special three-pin plug holes are incorporated in this appliance, which can be used for supporting devices. The efficiency and simplicity of the structure makes it the perfect choice for household use. The external battery access system enables easy usage of the inverter and thus simplifies the security system. This APC inverter with battery needs 10 hours to get fully charged once the battery goes down. APC 1500 VA 1200-Watt Sine Wave Home UPS-Inverter supports PC, laptops, and desktops during power cuts through smart technology. The light weight helps you to handle this inverter comfortably and eases its functioning too. This pure sine wave output UPS can power lights, fans, computers, and televisions during power cuts. The APC inverter has LED indicators gives an indication for the battery charge status and the water topping status. This APC Inverter operates silently and maintains normal temperatures. This APC Inverter is a microprocessor-controlled inverter with battery has a backup time of 2-5 hours. The amazing inverter is compatible with any battery type that ranges from 80ah-180ah. Overall, this is a good option if you are thinking about to buy an inverter for home.

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Key Specifications and Features

• Suitable for harsh Indian power conditions

• Child safe

• Shock proof

• short circuit protection

• Pure sine wave

• Compatible battery types- flat plate or tubular

• Compatible battery size- 80ah-180ah

• No. of batteries required- 2 (12v)

• 2 years Warranty on product