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Best Car and Bike Tyres in India 2022

By Himanshu walia | Published: 11 Feb' 22 | Updated: 11 Feb' 22

Best Tyres in India

Looking to get the best car and bike tyres in India in 2022? Then this post is for you.


Tyres are one of the most essential parts of the driving experience as it affects the ease of ride and safety. With numerous tyre brands available, it’s important to take proper care in making your choice. Whether you have a low or high budget it’s important to get the best tyres within the price range.


The deciding elements in ride safety and comfort are tyres which influence vehicle support and balancing when using bends or drifts while driving.


Having the best tyres obviously tends to shorten the distance required for automobiles to come to a stop while braking. A nice pair of tyres is a big assurance for a hitch-free and pleasant journey.


As a result, you must pick the best tyres from top tyre suppliers in India with reliable history and reviews.


In getting tyres, quality is a must.


What are some of the qualities of the best Indian tyres?

1. Durability

Durability refers to longevity (how long your tires will last). The design, quality and features of a tyre determine how long your tyres will last. The better the tyre, the longer its lasting power.

2. Noise and comfort

High-quality tyres absorb shock and improve the driving experience. The tyre grooves and thread shape of tyres greatly influence this quality and determine how comfortable the ride is.

3. Robustness

Road dangers exist and the ability to withstand them is also a quality worth taking note of. A good care tyre must be able to endure whatever force affects them on the road.

4. Handling

This refers to the car's response to acceleration, braking and turning. The tyre plays a very important role in handling.

5. Traction

Traction refers to the grip of your car. The grip of the car tyres determines speed, ability to brake and also balance.

With all this information in place, let’s consider some of the best Indian tyre brands in 2022

1. Bridgestone


Bridgestone, a Japanese tyre company is the largest tyre company in the world. Its reach is unlimited as it produces high-quality racing tyres and normal car tyres. With many years in business (85 years), Bridgestone definitely is a don in the tyre business. Why should you use Bridgestone tyres with confidence?


Well, Bridgestone tyres are used in motorsport. Between 1997 to 2010, Bridgestone was a provider for formula one (f1) and others such as f2 and f3. What's more interesting is that they were once the sole suppliers of Moto GP until the end of 2015


Bridgestone extends its reach to over 150 countries with Australia being its major hub. It has R&D centres in 26 countries. If you need good tyres in India, then you could definitely think of Bridgestone.


The Japanese tyre manufacturer has great influence in India. The company was established on 1st January 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi.


The firm has tyre manufacturing operations in major places like Pune and Indore, India. The company has 142,000 employees worldwide.


Bridgestone is the world’s leading manufacturing tyre company, globally followed by Michelin. It is a Japan-based auto and truck parts manufacturing company. “Ishibashi” is the word from which the company derives its name which means “stone bridge” in Japanese.


Bridgestone is a merger of two different companies- the first company name is Firestone Tire & Rubber Company and the second company is Bridgestone Tire Company limited. The first Bridgestone Company tyre was produced on 9 April 1930.


The company offers Motor vehicles tyres, Formula one tyres, sports cars and touring cars tyres and many more.


The company has its base in Kurume, Japan.


Available for Cars

Price: Rs.2,100 - Rs.28,335

2. Michelin


Michelin is a tyre manufacturing company based in France, its coverage expands over 170 countries. The company has been around for a long time since it was founded in 1889. The company is the current sole supplier for MotoGP.


Michelin is one of the best tyre brands in India. Its headquarters is located in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and is a global leader in tyre manufacture. The tyre manufacturer has a presence in about 170 countries and has about 114,100 employees globally. it operates over 70 manufacturing plants throughout the world, with its India plant situated in the Southern City of Chennai- 900 employees.


Major tyre manufacturers such as India Yamaha Bajaj and MotorCorp limited use its tyres.


The company has been around for a long time since its creation in 1889.


This firm is well-known for producing top-quality tyres with all the attributes you desire in a tyre.


It occupies the second spot globally in terms of manufacturing tyres after Bridgestone. The company has its headquarters located in France and controls many brands like SASCAR, Uni- Royal Goodrich tire company and many more.


Founded in the year 1889 by two brothers named Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin, this company started with a rubber factory in France. The company got its recognition on 28th May 1889. They made many innovations like the radial tyre, the removable tyre, and the pneurail tyre.


Bridgestone supplies tyres to the Audi, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen factory teams. The company has also manufactured F1 tyres.


Michelin stands out as one of the most renowned names in the tyre industry, and it is the preferred choice for drivers in India, our country as well. This tyre brand stands among the three largest tyre manufacturers in the world.


Available for Cars and Bikes

Price: Rs.1,076 - Rs.7,800

3. Goodyear


Goodyear is the top-selling tyre brand in America, established in 1898. Goodyear is one of the most successful suppliers with F1 and even produces tyres used on the moon by NASA. Currently, Goodyear is the sole tyre provider for NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing ).


It is one of the most successful and recognised tyre brands and has a global dominance. Besides this, the tyre maker is well known for supplying radials to Formula One cars, possibly the most successful tyre company in that particular field. It serves automobiles, light trucks, SUVs, commercial trucks and even aeroplanes.


If you wish to get high-quality tyres in India, Goodyear is also good to go.


Available for Cars

Price: Rs.1,900 - Rs.36,500

4. Pirelli


Pirelli is currently the sole tyre provider for the renowned Formula One World Championship (F1) until the end of the 2023 season.


It turns out they are also very popular with the average joe’s worldwide, despite many of us not owning Formula 1 cars. Founded in 1872 in Milan, Italy, Pirelli is recognised for the high-quality technology and effectiveness of its products. in 2015, Pirelli was bought by China-based company ChemChina - which remains a major shareholder.


It is one of the major tyre businesses founded in Akron, Ohio, in 1898. The company reached unrivalled heights in tyre manufacturing, producing the world's first detachable tyre and the first mass-produced automobile, the Model T-Ford.


The firm produces tyres for various items, including racing cars, aeroplanes, agricultural equipment, vehicles, trucks, and heavy earth-moving machines. Goodyear and NASA developed a "spring tyre" for the moon in 2009.


The firm has been in India for nearly 90 years, with two major plants in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad.


The firm has 18 production sites and a global commercial presence in over 160 nations, with over 14,600 places of sale. For over 9 decades, the firm has sponsored sporting events.

5. Apollo tyres


Founded in 1972, in Gurgaon, Haryana the Apollo tyre company is relatively young compared to other big tyre manufacturers. That hasn’t prevented them from becoming one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in India or from getting some serious traction all over the world where today they export to over 120 countries.


It is one of India's most popular and high-quality tyre firm. It is also the world's 17th biggest tyre manufacturing firm. It is a major tyre provider in several European nations. This corporation is yet another massive supplier in the tyre manufacturing industry, with a global presence due to its high quality.


It manufactures a wide range of tyres for passenger buses, trucks, vehicles, light trucks, and off-road and bicycle tyres. The firm employs around 15,000 people, and it now controls a good portion of the tyre distribution market in India and Europe.


Apollo Tyres is seen as one of the most successful and largest tyre selling companies in India, as well as globally. The company focuses on the production of truck tyres and launched its service for the two-wheeler tyre segment in 2016 recently.


The company laid its foundation stone as a Public Limited Company in Perambra, Thrissur, and Kerala in 1972.


Its second  plant was opened Limda, Gujrat in 1977.


Later in 1995, it bought the Premier Tyres Limited- PTL and led to the launch of its third plant in Kalamassery, Kerala.


Currently, Apollo has two tyre factories in Europe, one in Hungary and the other in the Netherlands.


The company makes tyres for bikes, cars and a host of other commercial vehicles.


Available for Cars and Bikes

Price: Rs.1201 - Rs.17,703

6. MRF tyres (Madras Rubber Factory)


MRF is another Indian tyre manufacturer with a similar story to Apollo. MRF is another top tyre manufacturer occupying a top spot in India. It sits just behind Apollo in Global ranking.  MRF was FOUNDED in 1946 by k.M Mammen Maooilla and specializes in tyre supply for scooters, motorbikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles in India.


MRF is actively involved in motorsport and is the only Indian tyre manufacturer to have created a formula-style car tyre, motocross tyres and rally tyres. They’re also one of the few Indian tyre companies to make aircraft tyres. Today, MRF exports to 65 plus countries.


It has grown to become one of India's major tyre producers. The corporate office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with production plants in Kerala, Goa, and Tamil Nadu. The company makes use of cutting-edge technology in its production process.


The MRF Tyres Company has a broad range of products which it produces like manufacturing tyres for cars, buses, trucks, two-wheelers, conveyor belts, tubes tractors and other vehicles.


The market performance of MRF tyres is considerably okay in India and also across many countries. It has been the market leader for 32 years in India and has an average yearly revenue of US$ 3.3 billion.


Available for Cars and Bikes

Price: Rs.950 - Rs.28,000

7. Continental


The Germans are known for building quality cars, this also extends to their tyre manufacturing which is top-notch. The 150-year-old company manufactures a wide range of products which include tyres, auto electronics, safety systems, brake systems, and powertrain and chassis components. In 2018, Continental purchased Kmart Tyre and Auto Service in Australia and its 258 workshops/stores.


The German tyre manufacturer was founded in 1871 and has its Headquarters in Hanover. Their prices are somewhat more than Michelin and Bridgestone.

8. Dunlop


Dunlop, majority-owned by Goodyear, is also a safe and popular tyre brand with motorists around the world. The high quality displayed in Goodyear tyres has been passed to its smaller pal, and Dunlop has some pretty nifty tech in their tyres.


Whilst Goodyear owns and operates the Dunlop brand in a lot of western markets,  Dunlop India Ltd runs the Indian division and many Asian countries. Dunlop was the first to develop a tyre with a steel cord (1972), and then shortly after were the first to launch a puncture-resistant tyre.


The corporation was established in 1888 and was previously known as Chosun Tyre Company before it became "Dunlop," which means "tread" in Korean. Aside from automobile tyres, Dunlop produces a large selection of tyres for ATVs, motorbikes, competition go-karts, and commercial vehicles. The firm has made a name for itself in the global tyre manufacturing sector due to its commitment to modern technology.

9. Yokohama


Yokohama is a Japanese based company founded in 1917 that is responsible for many ‘firsts’ in that market. These include the first tubeless tyre, the first snow tyre, and the first steel radial tubeless tyre, among others. Primarily, Yokohama focuses on the performance aftermarket, with their designs looking to appeal to customers with performance as a major aim.


This is seen in their extensive participation in motorsport, equipping many racing cars and motorcycles with ADVAN tyres.

10. Hankook


Next on our list is Hankook, founded in 1941, the company has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. They produce a huge range of tyres for light vehicles and trucks and in doing so manufacture roughly 92 million tyres per year. Currently, Hankook is the tyre provider for the European F3 Championship, as well as other renowned racing series throughout Europe.


Hankook has won the confidence of many car manufacturers.