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After DOT asked Starlink India to refund, Head Sanjay Bhargava Resigns?

By Himanshu Walia | Published: 06 Jan' 22 | Updated: 13 Jan' 22

Country Director of Starlink India Resigned

  • Customers in India have now received an email from Starlink India offering refunds
  • Starlink India was ordered to refund the pre-orders by the Department of Telecom (DOT)
  • Sanjay Bhargava, the Country Director for Starlink India, has also resigned from his position
  • Following his resignation from his role as Starlink India Country Director, Sanjay Bhargava announced his decision on his LinkedIn profile
  • According to the government, Starlink Internet Services in India isn't authorized to provide satellite-based Internet services
  • All pre-orders for Starlink's satellite internet service in India have been canceled


The move comes only a few weeks after the Indian government made clear that Starlink Internet Services in India was not licensed to provide satellite-based Internet services, and that the public should not subscribe to the services being marketed by the Elon Musk-backed company because Starlink India did not have the necessary licenses to operate in the country.


In a LinkedIn post published on Tuesday evening, Sanjay Bhargava stated that he had decided to resign from his positions as the chairman and country director of Starlink India due to personal circumstances. 


He further added that his last day of work was December 31, 2021, and also was the last day of his life in Starlink India.  Bhargava did not answer any of the questions that were directed to him in this respect.


After receiving a request from the telecom department in November, Starlink India agreed to adhere to the regulatory framework for providing satellite-based Starlink Internet services and to stop booking or rendering satellite Internet services in India with immediate effect.


Users of Starlink in India have also been receiving emails from the service offering them a refund on their pre-orders, according to the company. 


Till the company's Internet service in India is licensed, Starlink India has been ordered by the Department of Telecom to issue refunds for the pre-orders, according to the company's statement.


Prior to this, it was believed that the corporation was planning on deploying Starlink Internet services in India, specifically in 10 rural Lok Sabha constituencies. India was considered to be one of the company's most important markets.