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Expertreviews.co.in is a renowned automotive and technology review website based in India. Expert Reviews India, a brand under the Smarthome Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. umbrella is a reliable source for information related to News, Reviews and Comparisons. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of News, Reviews and Comparisons related to Electronics, Technology, and Automotive with a focus on quality and real-world problem solutions.

Expertreviews.co.in was founded in December, 2018 by Himanshu Walia, Smarthome Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. The Expert Reviews India Facebook Page features numerous videos with reviews, comparisons and other exciting automotive and tech content. We analyze Information gotten from companies before compiling worthy reviews and posting them on our website and Facebook Page.

A brief breakdown of Information we compile is below:

Car News/ Reviews

With every new car launch comes new features. Expert reviews focus on collecting information related to the efficiency of cars, using Test drives and Expert opinions as a major information source. Information gotten is unbiased as we get a huge bulk of information from the Car companies before analyzing the car’s effectiveness.

The car reviews are meant to help our website visitors make better informed purchases of automotive and tech products.

Car Tips

Expertreviews.co.in offers information aimed at helping car owners enhance durability and better performance of their cars. This involves maintenance tips, preventive measures and basic car techniques.

Tech Reviews

We offer review of modern gadgets such as IOS Phones and Laptops. The same method used in getting our automotive information is applied here.

Our Mission

Expert Reviews India helps consumers to choose the right product by providing detailed buyers’ guides and genuine reviews. For reviewing products, our team of experts follows an extensive research methodology to understand the product's insides and long-term reliability. We value your money, so we ensure thorough research and unbiased reviewing of each product that we list on our website.

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